Faithfully Departed Sisters Memorial

“We give you thanks, O God, for the lives of all the Sisters who have gone before us.  Their testimony to your love beats strongly in our hearts. For we stand on the shoulders of these courageous and faithful Franciscans.”

(Centennial Anniversary of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Providence of God)

Faithfully Departed Sisters of St. Francis of the Providence of God

Deceased Sisters are listed alphabetically by their first names. (If you can’t find, check under M for Mary or Maria)


Sister M. Acácia de Paula Ribeiro

Sister Agatha Dzenkauskas               

Sister Agnes Dainus                           

Sister Agnes Elizabeth Tosh              

Sister Agnes Katherine Wilson          

Sister Alice Phillipenas                      

Mother Aloysia Yurgutis                  

Sister Alphonsa Janusis                     

Sister M. Alverna Walls (Walutkavich) 

Sister M. Amy (Amabilis) Grafas   

Sister Anastasia Bendler                    

Sister Andrea Jurgutis                        

Sister Andrea Klisius                         

Sister Angela Barcis                           

Sister Angelica Norvilas                     

Sister Angelita Super                         

Sister Ann Marie Jaskunas                

Sister Anne Krausiunas                     

Sister Anne Metalonis                                   

Sister Anthony Jesulaitis                   

Sister Antoinette Kaleda                    

Sister Antonia Montville                   

Sister Antonia Neres da Silva           

Sister Antonieta Ambrosevicius          

Sister Aquina Zidanavich

Sister M. Assisi Yurgelaitis                      

Sister Assumpta Vosilius

Sister M. Augusta Skulis                         

Sister Augustine Knight                     

Sister Aurelia Curlionis                      


Sister Barbara Kiserauskas                

Sister Barbara Zilch                           

Sister M. Baptist Laurinaitis

Sister Beata Zelionis                          

Sister Beatrice Siratavic                     

Sister Benedict Krungel                     

Sister Benigna Paulosky                    

Sister M. Berenice Petrauskas                 

Sister Bernadette Astrauskas             

Sister Bernard Raciunas                     

Sister M. Bernarda Askinis                       

Sister Bonaventure Poskus                

Sister Brigitta Urzenyte         


Sister Carissa Milinkevisius              

Sister Caroline Straiter                       

Sister Casimira Peciulis                      

Sister Cecelia Lepo                            

Sister Celia da Costa Mattoso                       

Sister Charlotte Trojan                      

Sister Christine Ginkiewicz

Sister M. Christina Zakarevicius                 

Sister Chrysostom Braukus               

Sister Clare Patalkis                           

Sister Clarissa Adomaitis                   

Sister Clarita Kadis                            

Sister Claudette Pavilonis                  

Sister Concepta Tuzik                                   

Sister Conrad Navitsky                     

Sister M. Constance Rinck           


Sister M. Damian Dauber                        

Mother David Pocius                        

Sister Delphine Dargis                       

Sister DeSales Jagmin

Sister M. Dolorita Butkus 

Sister Dolorosa Satkauskas                

Sister M. Dominica Daubaris                  


Sister Edmund Legeckas                    

Sister Eleanor Kiniutis                       

Sister Elizabeth Naujelis                    

Sister Emerentia Dainius                    

Sister Esther Taber                            

Sister Evangelista Calvin                    

Sister Evelyn Bender              


Sister Felice Jucius                             

Sister Felicita Butrim                         

Sister Fidelis Grafas                           

Sister Florence Curlonis                     

Sister Frances Ann Gribus                 

Sister Frances Walters                                   

Sister Francesca Walls                       

Mother M. Francis Mangert                   

Sister Francita Platukas       


Sister M. Gabrielle Maze                        

Sister Gemma Shamet                        

Sister Genevieve Bart (Bartasavich)  

Sister Georgene Utaris                       

Sister Geraldine Bubness                   

Sister M. Germaine Beganskis                 

Sister Gertrude Rodgers 

Sister M. Giovanni Sarnauskas                     

Sister Giles Bendrick                         

Sister Grace Bernott                          

Sister Gregoria Bernott      


Sister Helen White                             

Sister Helene Balciunas                      

Sister Henrietta Pusvaskis                 

Sister Hildegarde Smolukas          


Sister Ignatius Trimer                        

Sister Imelda Tosh

Sister M. Immaculata Miltenis                              

Sister Innocenta Palonis

Sister M. Irene Pacekonis                     

Sister Isabel Ferreira da Silva         


Sister Jean Leon                                 

Sister Jerome Valancius                     

Sister M. Joan of Arc Urban                             

Sister Joanne Dumchus                      

Sister Jose Zanatta                              

Sister Joseph Mary McCaskey         

Sister Joseph Micunskis                    

Sister Josephine Buksaitis                 

Sister Julia Adomaitis                        

Sister Juliana Reback 

Sister M. Julita da Conceição                        

Sister Justine Eismantos            


Sister Karen Schnoes 


Sister Laura Aleks                              

Sister Lawrence Christian                  

Sister Leona Backus                           

Sister M. Leonard Peskus  

Sister M. Letitia de Faria                        

Sister Liguori Vitkauskas                   

Sister Lillian Javanage            

Sister Lillian Yurksaitis                    

Sister Loretta Keserauskis                 

Sister Lorraine Armanavicius             

Sister Louise Marie Simcoe               

Sister Louise Shap                             

Sister M. Loyola Sebelskas                     

Sister Lucille Mazrimas 

Sister M. Lucy Astrauskas                     

Sister Lucy Marie Kazlauskas      


Sister Magdalen Abluz                      

Sister Magnus Jaskunas                     

Sister Marcella Stuckus                     

Sister Margaret Mary Mancinskas    

Sister Margarida Ming                         

Sister Marguerite Dovidaitis             

Sister Maria Consuelo Nunes             

Sister Maria Ines da Costa                  

Sister Maria Jose Altéia   

Sister Maria Radavich                        

Sister Maria Rainaldi   

Sister Maria da Salette Amazonas                      

Sister Marian Blodis                          

Sister Marianne Walters                    

Sister M. Marie (Seraphine) Merliunas   

Sister Marietta Zvirblis   

Sister Marita Dargis                  

Sister Martha Viesulas                       

Sister M. Martina Sams                           

Sister Mary John Cisarik                   

Sister Mary Louis Kvederis                          

Sister Matilda Ambotas                     

Sister Matilda Zelin                           

Sister Mechtildis Matulaitis                       

Sister Michele Garas        

Sister Miriam Racas                  

Sister Monica Belskas        


Sister Nancy Langhart                                   

Sister Neusa de Oliveira                      

Sister Norberta Swirkas


Sister M. Ona Buswink


Sister Paul Vaiskelonis

Sister M. Paula da Silva Melo                          

Sister Paulette Nork                           

Sister Pauline Simons                         

Sister Perpetua Kanaporius               

Sister M. Petronella Gecas                      

Sister Philomena Milauskas               

Sister Phyllis Marie Taulli                 

Sister M. Pierre Gaudiesius 


Sister Raymond Braukus                   

Sister Regina Blasé                             

Sister M. Reinalda Prieto                         

Sister Rita Mason

Sister M. Rogeria Prieto                               

Sister Rosalia Norvaisis                     

Sister Rosalie Kaseta                         

Sister M. Rosanne Kavalauskas              

Sister Rose Marie Stulpinas              

Sister Rose Mikusauskas                   

Sister Ruth Simaitis


Sister Scholastica Garik                     

Sister M. Shalome Zalapukes      

Sister M. Sofia Pereira de Souza            

Sister Stanislaus Pasakarnis

Sister M. Sylvia Krafton


Sister Teresa Velicka                          

Sister Theodora Shadis                      

Sister Theresa Serpetauskas              

Sister Therese Marquis


Sister M. Urban Kolash                

Sister M. Ursula Venckus  


Sister Valeria Puishes                         

Sister Valerie Ann Grigal                   

Sister Veronica Sestok                       

Sister Victoria Puishis                        

Sister Vincent Melvidas                     

Sister Vincentia Apton                      

Sister M. Virginia Pask 


Sister Zita Stripinas