Jubilarians – USA

2020 Jubilarians

Each year, we celebrate the jubilees of our Sisters who have been shaped by God’s hand into women full of grace with a clear vision and deep faith. In a Franciscan community, jubilee is important. It is a celebration that commemorates the passage of years in which a Sister has lived the vowed life with faithfulness and fidelity. We hope you will be touched by their faith as many of you have been touched by their presence in your lives.

65 Years

Sister Elise Mora, OSF


Sister Elise Mora, OSF, came to our Congregation from Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She began her ministry as a first grade teacher at Holy Trinity School in Moon Run before moving to St. Valentine and St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin schools. Then she embarked upon a 12-year period as the head of the language department and Spanish teacher at our St. Francis Academy. In 1981, Sister Elise began a new phase in her ministry that took her to the Bronx in New York City where she was a patient advocate at Lincoln Memorial Hospital during the early days of the AIDS crisis. She once described this period as having a profound impact on her. “The experience of working and living in the South Bronx during a time when it was synonymous with urban blight and violence changed me and I’ve never looked at the world in the same way since. I will always carry those people in my heart.”

After seven years in the Bronx, Sister Elise worked as an Immigration Counselor in Manhattan. She then relocated to Chicago to serve as a Pastoral Associate before moving back to Pittsburgh upon her election as a general councilor for the Congregation. She also assumed the responsibilities as Liturgy Director and Justice, Peace and Environment Coordinator. During this time Sister Elise continued to serve as an adjunct instructor at St. Vincent College in Latrobe where she helped develop a Spanish program for St. Vincent Seminary.  She also developed a Spanish program and ministered at the State prison in Greensburg, PA where she taught Religious Studies to inmates for almost a decade.

In 2006, Sister Elise moved to Olean, NY, where she spent ten years as an adjunct professor in Languages teaching Spanish at St. Bonaventure University. Upon her return to Pittsburgh, she became a volunteer Spanish teacher at St. Thomas More School. Throughout these years, Sister Elise continued to address the social justice needs of immigration and the environment. Her volunteer commitments included visiting Spanish-speaking inmates at the state prison in Greensburg, PA and teaching English to Cuban refugees at Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA. Sister also participated in numerous projects and services on behalf of the poor or disenfranchised in soup kitchens, shelters, housing, conscience-raising and other events wherever she ministered.

Sister Elise holds a B.A. from Carlow University and a Master’s in Spanish from Millersville University. She also earned her M.A. in Religious Studies from Loyola University in Chicago.


Sister Yolanda Maria de Jesus Marcelino

Ir. Yolanda

Sister Yolanda Maria de Jesus Marcelino was born in Poços de Caldas, a city in the south of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. She joined the Congregation on December 1952 and professed her first vows in 1957. Sister Yolanda earned degrees in Literature and Pedagogy (study of teaching methods and practices). She dedicated herself to Education ministry in our Congregation’s schools and related ministries, such as adult literacy programs and co-founding our Saint Clare and Saint Francis of Assisi Social Center in 1993.

Sister served in Formation ministry, as well as on several of our Congregation’s Leadership teams. She presently resides at our Generalate, where she assists with translations. She also continues to serve as an advisor to our Pius XII Franciscan School in São Paulo.

Sister Maria Sofia de Souza


Ir. M. SofiaSister Maria Sofia de Souza was born in Brasópolis, a city in the state of Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil. She joined the Congregation in February 1954 and professed her first vows in 1957. In 1959, before her perpetual profession, she was one of 3 pioneer Sisters at Dr. Eugênio Gomes de Carvalho Maternity Hospital in Minas Gerais, where she served as a nursing technician. Especially skilled at caring for small and premature infants, Sister delivered several babies during her ministry.

Between 1990 and 2009, Sister dedicated herself to Pastoral service in the north and northeast of Brazil, as well as central São Paulo. Sofia now lives at Recanto Paz e Bem, where she creates crafts with great perfection and engages in the ministry of prayer and presence.


25 Years

Sister Neide Camparotto Teixeira


Ir. Neide 2020 FINALSister Neide Camparotto Teixeira was born in Lobato in the state of Paraná, in southern Brazil. She joined the Congregation in 1994. She professed her first vows in 1998 and earned a degree in Theology.

Sister Neide has dedicated herself to Pastoral work in the missions served by our Congregation. She also served as coordinator of the Vocational Animation Team, as well as a member of the Formation Team. Since 2014 she has resided at our Generalate in São Paulo and serves at Pius XII Franciscan School, as well as General Chapter Planning Committee Chair.


SisterVandete Barbosa de Oliveira

Ir. VandeteSister Vandete Barbosa de Oliveira was born in Palmeira do Índios, in the state of Alagoas in northeast Brazil. She joined the Congregation in 1994. She professed her first vows in 1998, then studied nursing and cared for our Sisters for several years. From 2007 to 2011, she served in our Bolivia mission, providing healthcare services to the people of Guayaramerin.

Sister served in our formation house then worked at Saint Michael the Archangel Franciscan School, while studying for her undergraduate degree in Nursing. She was then assigned to Recanto Paz e Bem in 2018 to help care for our Sisters. Presently, she is assisting at our Novitiate and will finish her nursing courses in June 2020.