Franciscan prayer is contemplative. As one of the core Franciscan values, contemplation means opening one’s heart and mind to the presence of God directly and in all creation. In turn, our body, mind, and soul give thanks and praise to a loving, good and beautiful God. As a community, the sisters believe that prayer strengthens our faith, focuses our hope and moves us to loving service for others.


Ministry of Prayer

As part of our daily life, we include many of our friends, family, benefactors, and neighbors around the world in our prayers. Additionally, Sisters never totally retire. After leaving full or part-time paid employment (ministry) on or off campus, our Sisters begin a new ministry known as Prayer Ministry. As the name implies, they spend a good deal of time in prayer. Through prayer requests sent to us by friends, family, employees, mail and phone calls, Sisters spend time praying for the special intentions and giving thanks for prayers answered.


Prayer Requests

Our sisters, particularly those in full-time prayer ministry, welcome the opportunity to engage in prayer for others. If you have a specific prayer request that you would like our sisters to include in their intentions, please call (412) 882-9911, send us a message via the Prayer Request Page or

How powerful to have the prayers of many!


40 Days of Prayer


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