Collaborative Ministries

Collaborative Ministries

LobbyApril2013In the last few decades, God’s Providence has called us to partner in the United States with other congregations locally and nationally to better serve those in need, as well as work for peace, social justice and environmental conservation.

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and the Franciscan Federation

Among the issues these groups address are Peace, Global Climate Change, Immigration, Water Conservation, Human Trafficking, Fair Trade and other social justice concerns, particularly those affecting the poor, women and children.

Locally, we participate in Catholic Sisters Leadership Conference (CSLC) which is comprised of Catholic women religious who serve in leadership positions within congregations located in the dioceses of Pittsburgh and Greensburg. Two of our collaborative ministries with other congregations of women in the Pittsburgh Region are Sisters Place, Inc. and People Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH). The Collaborative Communications Conference (CCC) consists of professional communicators from each participating congregation and meets monthly to address overall communications strategies.

Sisters Place, Inc.

Sisters Place, Inc. is a supportive housing community committed to assisting single parent families who are homeless in southwestern Pennsylvania. Its mission is to assist such families toward self-sufficiency by providing housing and supportive services.

Sisters Place was founded in 1993 by a group of 14 Catholic communities of women religious as an outgrowth of their interest in serving the poor in the community. Because of their extensive experience with this needy population, the group recognized the critical need of many impoverished families for stable housing and supportive services as they work to make lasting, positive changes in their lives.

Sisters Place provides both transitional and permanent housing to single parents. The transitional housing program is limited to two years and focuses on young mothers between the ages of 18 and 26. The permanent housing program provides housing indefinitely to single parents with a disability and their children.

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PATH to Justice

PATH to Justice (People Against the Trafficking of Humans) is a committee of the Catholic Sisters Leadership Council that addresses Gospel justice with a focus on issues current and relevant to southwestern Pennsylvania. PATH was formed in 2004 to join in solidarity with Catholic Sisters across the nation who, under the auspices of the LCWR, resolved to address the trafficking of women and children. In 2008, PATH expanded its focus to include comprehensive immigration reform.

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More information about Human Trafficking and Immigration Reform can be found on our Justice and Peace Ministry page.