Franciscan Blend Coffee

Franciscan Blend Coffee

Coffee that Can Make a Difference

Fran Blend
Franciscan Blend is also an extension of our mission by supporting and bringing attention to efforts that help the poor. Arbuckle’s Coffee Company in Verona, PA has agreed to only purchase the coffee beans for Franciscan Blend from fair trade certified importers.

Over half of the world’s coffee is produced on small family farms with only a few acres of coffee trees. Alone, a small family farm cannot compete with larger corporate farms that control the international market price for coffee. With no alternative source of income in rural and agricultural communities, these families often live in extreme poverty.

Fair Trade certification helps small coffee farmers organize into cooperatives that link them directly to coffee importers and allow them to sell their coffee. Through Fair Trade, importers are encouraged to extend financial credit to cooperatives and develop long-term trading relationships. Fair trade farmers are also guaranteed a premium over the prevailing price paid for coffee on the international market, allowing them to earn an income that will support their families.

Fine Roasted Ground Coffee

Franciscan Blend is a medium roast blend of Fair Trade coffee sold in 12-oz bags of ground coffee available in:
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  • Regular
  • Decaffeinated
  • Hazelnut (Regular & Decaffeinated)
  • Chocolate Cherry


Proceeds from Franciscan Blend go to support our various ministries and outreach, as well as the care of our senior sisters.


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