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Advent 4_ LoveThis final week of Advent, we reflect on LOVE, the greatest gift of love being Jesus Christ whose humble birth we celebrate soon. In “St. Francis and God’s Humility,” Eric Doyle, OFM writes, “The exquisite tenderness of God’s love is revealed in the helplessness of a baby, the defenselessness of a crucified man, the silence of the consecrated bread and wine on the altar. God approaches us with such humility and leaves himself open to rejection. With his whole heart, Francis understood that it is the manner of God’s coming to us in Jesus Christ that tells us the extent of his love for us.”


How can Christ’s example show us how to love others? How can we extend this love through “action and truth?” (1 John 3:16-18) God, we pray you transform our hearts to love all your creation as Christ loves us.