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Prayer Syria
“Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good.” (Romans 12:21)
We, the members of the leadership teams of congregations of Franciscans with American and Brazilian Sisters (FABS) share our deep distress, concern and prayerful support for our sisters and brothers in Syria, who are suffering the cruel and inhumane effects of violence and chemical warfare at the hands of their own government leaders. The most innocent and defenseless citizens of that country, women, and children, are the victims of this outrage which some have called another holocaust. We urge the leaders of our governments and our churches in the United States, in Brazil and in other countries to call for action that will help and provide aid to innocent victims and restore their safety and health. We ask our leaders to enter into dialogue with the leaders in Syria and other countries to work to promote peace and the care and dignity of all people, especially women and children. We stress the need for a complete ban of the use of all chemical weapons.
We request that our members, our associates, and partners in ministry share this message with others as we issue a call for prayer, action, and a swift end to this humanitarian crisis. Let us beg God for an intervention of mercy and justice on behalf the people of Syria, and all whose lives are being shattered by the ravages of war throughout the world.
Franciscans with American and Brazilian Sisters (FABS), is a group of Third Order Franciscan Congregations with Sisters in North, South America and in other countries. The Mission of FABS is to ignite a spirit of inclusivity in the heart of each member of our Global Franciscan family and beyond.