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40 Days of Prayer Flame

On our 29th day of prayerful reflection, we invite you to join us in prayer for those experiencing a crisis of faith. May the light of Christ guide them out of the darkness of doubt and confusion.


We ask God to grant survivors comfort and healing, as well as strength and courage to go forward. Turn their despair into hope, hate into love and anger into joy. May we all seek to live lives where we act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God. May we be models of peace, leading by example how to resolve convict without harm, how to care for and respect all life , and how to reach out to others in love. (adapted from prayers of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry’s Stand Against Violence project)

About 40 Days of Prayer

Lent is a welcome time for many Christian, when we open our hearts to Christ and prepare ourselves to go forward in faith through prayer, reflection and living more simply. As part of our Lenten journey, prayer strengthens our faith and moves us to manifest God’s extravagant love in our own lives. This Lenten season (March 1 – April 13), we invite you to join us in 40 Days of Prayer.

Send your prayer intentions

If your or a loved is in need of prayer, please send it our Sisters, and we will remember in our daily prayers during Lent – and beyond. (click here to send us a request online)

Pray With Us

Every day during Lent, we will post a shared prayer intention on our website and Facebook page. We invite you to take a moment during your Lenten reflections to pray for this intention with us. (Click here for the shared prayer intentions calendar)

Invite Others to Pray

Share the 40 Days of Prayer calendar or our daily shared intentions with others;  or simply, pray with a loved one.